don't worry... THE SPIRITUAL MAMAS (Melissa + Tiffany) HAVE a plan to show you how!

It's time to nourish

your bank account

and your Soul.

It's time to nourish

your bank account

Are you ready to step into your power and grow your Sacred business?

The results...

Unleash your inner sacred leader in a way you never have before. Re-commit to shining bright in all your magic, leadership gifts, and passions in the world.


Get crystal clear clarity around the sacred tools, technologies and strategy to create successful and aligned offerings in your business. Learn transformational soulful business strategy to take your purpose to the next level.


Get exclusive mentorship and leadership teaching from the Moonful Mama + Spiritual Boss Mom. Become a part of our growing Community of Sacred Leaders and be supported every step of the way.


Our Program is right for you if...

You're ready to step into your soul driven purpose and passion to create a business from a place of alignment + flow...

You're ready to release the internal blocks and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from your dream service and business in the world...

You're ready to make an income, while making an impact by providing solutions to your audience...

You're ready to tap into your intuition, soul passions and creativity in a Community of Women on the same journey as you...

This Program is NOT right for you if...

You don't want to learn about the sacred tools and technologies used for soulful business.

You rather slip into old habits that hold you back from your purpose as a sacred biz owner.

You aren't ready to address limiting beliefs that hold you back from your dream business.

You don't want the support of an incredible Community of Women on the same journey.


make an income while making an impact in the world with your inner sacred leader guiding you!

Access to 100+ Training Guides & Materials for full understanding and integration of information being taught (FOR LIFE).



ABILITY TO UPGRADE AND WORK Monthly 1:1 y with The Moonful Mama for support, mentorship and navigation around your unique goals and manifesting success.




Monthly Sacred BIZ Collective Calls for mentorship,  accountabilitY, support, AND SOULFUL BIZ navigation.


Moonful Music Playlists to be used during your Circles, Recommended Reading Lists, Discounted Moonful Mama Services/Programming and More !


BECOME a "Graduate" of our Signature Circle Training COURSE.



Our Program Elements are...

Ready to amplify your impact?

Biz Collective Course Details

if you need a bit of convincing

Moonful Mama's Circle Facilitator Training Course
Module 1: Discovering Your Why


In our first Module, you will discover your "Why", which will be at the heartbeat of your Vision as a Circle Facilitator & More! You will meet other trainees and get an overview of the entire Training in this foundational class experience.

• The Power of Intentions and how it's connected to discovering Your "Why".

• Learn how to trigger your "Passion Points and promote clarity around your values and how to be in alignment with them.

• Define "Holding Space" and how this is linked to Circle facilitation. 

• The importance of getting Clear on your Authority to begin addressing internal blocks to success. 

• Building up your "Brag Bank" to promote self-awareness, confidence and integrity.

Module 2: Fear, Clear & Take Care


Learn all about Three Words: Fear, Clear & Care. These three sacred elements will launch you into a deep level of self-awareness and understanding, the power of being a clear vessel, how to address self-care and how to lead with love. 

• How to identify and release Fears associated with your training journey/holding space for others.
• The definition of Empty Presence and how to be a clear vessel as a leader
• Learn the pathways to embody Sacred Leadership.
• Learn effective Sacred Self-Care Strategies for Success.
• Cultivate a deep understanding of Energy Protection for the Modern Circle Facilitator.

Module 3: Group Psychology


Get ready for a deep dive into all things Group Psychology. You will understand Circles with a transformational lensing as you explore Group Roles + Group Dynamics. We will also presence how to handle crises, trauma and emergencies with confidence, respect and safety as a Circle Facilitator. In this Module, you will begin to vision and plant the seed of your "Circle Niche" and the people who are naturally magnetic to you. 

• Discover what a "Circle" is and picking your "Circle Niche".

• Learn how to create your "Circle Signature".

• Identifying your "Magnets" and how this will link to Circle success

• Cultivate Group Developmental Stages Group Roles and how to navigate them as a Circle Facilitator.

• Uncover the Power of Silence + How to Manage Silence in a transformational way.

• Learn how to manage Crises + Emergencies with grace, love and safety. 

Module 4: Your Inner Leader


Just like the excitement and anticipation of opening up a new gift, so is revealing and honoring your Inherent Sacred Leadership Gifts. This module will accelerate your inner awareness about your inherent gifts and how to express them in an aligned way as a Circle Facilitator. You will learn how to harness, embrace and shine your inner sacred leadership archetype(s)!

• Defining Sacred Leadership Archetypes and the power of archetypal work for leadership development.

• The Power of Remembrance and how to reclaim the inherent leader within.

• Discover the New Wave of Leadership in the 21st century and how your inner leader is connected with the world's greatest needs. 

• Learn the 5 Sacred Leadership Archetypes and your most expressed archetype as a leader so you can uncover your natural Inherent Leadership Gifts.

Module 5: Altar Craft & Circle Theme Formulation


Let your inner Creatrix come alive in this Module! We teach powerful Altar Craft and Circle Theme Formation tools in this class. This will accelerate your inner awareness about your creativity and how to express your inner Creatrix in a proficient way as a Circle Facilitator.

• We define what  an "Altar" is, and the different types of Circle Altars.
• How to Craft Your Own Circle Altar.
• Explore how to choose a Circle Theme, and the Power of Focalized Circle Theme.
• Discover the 4 Categories of Circle Themes and vision into the Circle Themes your most intuitively drawn to. 

Module 6: Sacred Transitions


Learning Sacred Transitions is crucial as a Circle Facilitator. This class will help you create Sacred Space via "Opening" and "Closing" your desired Circle in a powerful way that is a reflection of your essence and intention. You will also learn about the common elements of "Micro Sacred Transitions" that often happen during a Circle. The elements in this Class will accelerate your Sacred Leadership Role as a Gatekeeper of your Circle which is one of the key roles you will embody as a successful Circle Facilitator. 

• Learn the Power of Sacred Transitions in a Circle.
• Take a deep dive into the elements to Opening Sacred Space.
• Explore the 4 Common Micro Transition Elements.
• Understand the elements to Closing Sacred Space.
• Your "Sacred Space Sandwich" for Success.

Module 7: Your Sacred Teaching


Choose your Sacred Teaching topic in this powerful class! This will help you embody the powerful role of a Sacred Teacher during your Circle while you learn the 5 elements of Successful Sacred Teaching and more! These elements in this Class will accelerate your Sacred Leadership Role as a Sacred Teacher in your Circle which is one of the key roles you will embody as a successful Circle Facilitator. ​​​​​​

• Discover your Sacred Teaching, and owning your Authority as Teacher.

• Learn how to choose your Sacred Teaching Topic.

• The 5 Elements of Successful Sacred Teaching.

• The powerful Sacred Role of Teacher.

Module 8: Transformational Journeying


Want to take your Circle participants on Transformational Journeys? This class will help you embody the powerful role of a Journey Guide during your Circle while you learn the 5 elements of a potent meditative Journey experience and more! 

• Learn what a Transformational Journey is and how to craft Transformational Journeys.
• Choosing your Sacred Topic for Journeying. 

• 5 Elements of a Grounding Meditation to deepen participants into relaxation, calm and self-discovery.

• How to embody the Sacred Role of Journey Guide for your Circle.

Module 9: Sacred Journaling, Sharing & Holding Space


This Module is all about focalizing Sacred Journaling, Sacred Sharing and learning how to artfully Hold Sacred Space during Open Share. This will help you embody the powerful role of Focalizer during your Circle while you learn how to craft Sacred Journaling Prompts, the 4 Guidelines for Sacred Sharing and more! These elements in this Class will accelerate your Sacred Leadership Role as a Circle Focalizer in your Circle which is one of the key roles you will embody as a successful Circle Facilitator.​​​​​​​​

• Defining Sacred Journaling and how to craft Powerful Journal Prompts.
• Defining Holding Space during an Open Share.
• Discover the 4 Guidelines for Sacred Sharing.
• How to embody the Sacred Role of Circle Focalizer.

Module 10: Ceremony & Ritual


This Module is all about crafting powerful ceremonial rituals, the different categories of Ceremonial Rituals and the elements that make up a Powerful Ceremonial Ritual for your Circle. This class will help you embody the powerful role of Ceremonialist during your Circle while you learn how to craft a variety of Ceremonial Rituals and more! 

• Defining Ceremonial Ritual.
• Different Types of Ceremonial Rituals for your Circles.
• Discover 4 Elements of a Powerful Ceremonial Ritual.
• How to embody the Sacred Role of Ceremonialist.

Module 11: Soulful Business Strategies


This module is about all things Soulful Business Strategy and how you can make an impact while making an income with your Circles! This will help you embody the powerful role of Soulpreneur for your Circle while you learn practical and tactical tools for your Circle success and more! 

• We define a Soulpreneur and SOULful Business Strategy.
• Explore your Communication Lanes for your Biggest "Fans and how to Promote your Circle while you sleep.
• Learn how to plan your Month Ahead in just 2 Hours.
• Discover your "Million Dollar" Idea and sweet spot Soulful Pricing Strategies.
• Identify your Ideal Circle Venue for your Circles (virtual and in-person).
• How to claim the Sacred Role of Soulpreneur.

Module 12: Bringing it All Together


Our Final Module is all about Bringing it ALL together and reflecting on Your Training Journey! This class will help you embody true Sacred Leadership as you take on the powerful role of Circle Facilitator! 

• Bringing All the Modules Together and your Complete Circle Guideline.
• Sacred Reflections for Your Training Journey
• Discover the Sacred Role of Circle Facilitator and how to embody true Sacred Leadership.
• Submitting Your Final Evaluation and Graduate from our Program.

The Spiritual Boss Mom's Business Academy Course


Experience the transformational Business Academy course which offers you a road map to success that will help you scale your business. In this course, you will learn:  

 • Creating a Road Map to       
 • Diversifying Income
 • Pivoting & Changing Course
 • Brainstorming & Strategizing
 • Mindset, Inspiration &
 • Goal Setting & Manifesting
 • Confidence & Stepping Into
   Your Power

 • Defining Your Soulmate Client
 • Email Marketing
 • Social Media Marketing
 • Copywriting Secrets
 • Time Management
 • Creating a Website

You may know us as Moonful Mama (Melissa) and Spiritual Boss Mom (Tiffany). We rock the titles of world renowned spiritual teachers, healers, soul coaches, successful mompreneurs and heart centered creatives! We are here to help you up manifest your dream business into a reality! Let’s create some magic + impact together!

Meet your Mentors

aka the spiritual mamas

Your Annual investment in your Sacred Biz success...

Monthly Investment $222

ONLINE courseS, collective calls, Collective community & more!


-Margot H

"Being a member of the Sacred Biz Collective has been life changing, and it’s only been a couple of months! It’s a wonderful community of supportive and inspiring women where I can ask questions, get ideas, problem solve, and gain concrete strategies to grow my business brand."

Throughout the years, Tiffany and I have combined studying everything from clinical psychotherapy, leadership development, business coaching, social selling, astrology, mindfulness, wellness initiatives, yoga, reiki healing, crystal healing, modern day priestess training, and much more!

There are infinite sacred energies of support in you and around you to help launch you from where you are to where you want to be as a sacred biz owner in the world.

With my 10+ years of being in leadership and finding success in our own Sacred Businesses, Tiffany and I have created a transformational Program that will launch you into alignment + abundance.

I used to get overwhelmed with the idea of a time commitment and money I'd have to make if I wanted to be strategic but also heart centered in my business. I didn't have the opportunity to travel to another country or state for an intensive retreat #momlife, I didn't have $4k to drop at the hat for the type of mentorship I was craving. I'm sure you can relate. Time is something we all could use more of, and with all the demands of daily life it can be easy to conclude that if somethings going to get cut, it's "circle facilitator training and soulful business development." 

But... there's a new emergence of empowered Women who are showing up to their life and business in a refreshing way.
​Are you one of them?

"melissa + tiffany are heart centered in all they do and champions everyone to be their most magical and abundant self."

Questions & Answers


I really want you to be able to afford our transformational programs. If you don’t have the funds at the moment, you can apply for a scholarship, or request a sliding scale/customized payment plan. To apply, e-mail Melissa at


Since our Program is 100% Virtual, all of our Calls are recorded and we will feel you time traveling back to be with us when you watch the recording. You can also submit any questions to Melissa via E-mail ahead of time if you're not able to make our Calls LIVE!

is it required to have any circle or Sacred Biz experience to join?

Not at all! We have Women who join us from all over the world who are new to the world of circle facilitation, sacred leadership & soulful business! You simply have to be a spiritually inspired Woman to join. No experience necessary, and everyone is welcome with open arms- promise!

The World needs you now more than ever before and there's a new leadership paradigm of Sacred Biz owners emerging.
Are you one of them?

What our Collective Members are up to...

Elaine Jemmott
Long Island, NY 

Elaine Jemmott is a Moonful Mama founding graduate and the owner of Moon Honey oils+circles+healing. She leads circles every Full Moon and during the Celtic Wheel of the Year celebrations. She is also available to service the community by offering donation based circles for causes close to her heart. You can find more info about Elaine’s healing sessions, oil & ritual workshops above.

What our Collective Members are up to...

Danielle lagrandier
long island, ny

Danielle is a Moonful Mama founding graduate, founder of Peace, Pride, Purpose, and is all about helping women dive deep into shadow work via moon circles. Danielle is all about helping Women tap into their personal strengths and glow like the universe within!

What our Collective Members are up to...

Intuitive reiki master & circle facilitator

Kayla is a Moonful Mama Circle Training graduate and is all about helping others rise to their fullest potential via astrology, energy healing, and moon circles. Kayla has a refreshing approach to healing that puts the power in the hands of those she serves. Kayla is totally the cosmic sacred leader the world is craving right now! 

What our Collective Members are up to...

tiffany & victoria of spirit mamas

Tiffany & Victoria offer Reiki healing, Akashic Record guidance, and Sacred Circles. They found our Collective when they were ready to scale their business in a heart centered way! They help mamas connect to their intuition and power so they can become their best selves. Both of these spiritual powerhouses are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to healing and inner transformation!

What our Collective Members are up to...

Dawna Matthews

Dawna helps people unearth and be themselves. Dawna is a part of our Collective and is a graduate of Moonful Mama's Circle Facilitator Training Course. She helps people co-create with nature and the cosmos as a guide to discover one's rhythm and create harmony in the body and deepest desires. She now offers energetic support, heart opening experiences, seasonal living, and everyday rituals to help people land in their authenticity via support in the physical and mystical realms with love and devotion.

They found our Collective when they were ready to scale their business in a heart centered way! They help mamas connect to their intuition and power so they can become their best selves. Both of these spiritual powerhouses are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to healing and inner transformation!

Ready to start?

let's nourish that soul of yours + that bank account!


1:1 Soulful Biz Mentorship

Struggling with sacred biz clarity? Does social media marketing overwhelm you and you don't know where to start? Are you looking for a Mentor who is just a couple steps ahead to help you navigate the next best step for your soulful business? Ready to amplify your impact & income?

Curious about our other Moonful Programs?


Spirit + Soul Studio

Get instant access to our virtual studio with nationwide teachers + healers, worldwide community, and spiritual based classes to help you tap into your soul! If you’re ready to embody the most magical version of you while being supported by an incredible group of Women on the same journey… this is the right program for you.


1:1 Astrology Readings

Discover your Cosmic Blueprint in our 1:1 Natal Chart Astrology Reading with The Moonful Mama. Discover how to become an ally with the stars and cosmos within you as a map to creating an aligned, empowered and sacred driven life. You will also receive a informative Bonus Digital Cosmic Blueprint Guide for support and integration!


Moon Magic Workshop with Bonus Guide

Learn how to embody Lunar Living in your every day life, relationships, work in the world and more. You'll learn how your life alchemizes with the energies of the stars and cosmos so you can bring forth your most empowered and aligned self into the world!


Abundance & Money Magnet Guide with Bonus Meditation

Learn the 3 money practices abundance magnets do to attract their deepest desires. Get into the energetic place of receiving today with our bonus abundance meditation!

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Blending Business Strategy & Spirituality Workshop

Join The Moonful Mama and The Spiritual Boss Mom for a powerful Workshop experience where you will discover the secret of alchemy between business strategy and spirituality! Unleash your inner Sacred Biz dreams today!


a little thank you from me to you... grab a Freebie!

Melissa has given me the inspiration and confidence to bring my business to the next level."


Melissa is so supportive, heart centered and really champions me and what I have to offer."


Melissa is compassionate, knowledgeable, and brings an energy that is vibrant, positive, healing and empowering."


 Moonful Mama Programs have been just the right balance of community, connection and accountability I’ve been looking for. I can attest for the personal growth with Melissa’s mentorship. You won’t be disappointed! 

-Danielle L

Melissa's joy is infectious, her knowledge and resources boundless. Working through her Courses has given me renewed hope and love of life!"

-Ashley I

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