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for aspiring millionaires


This is the perfect guide for you if you're an overwhelmed entrepreneur, have difficulty prioritizing elements in your business/life, and need a blueprint to get you focused + get results!

Work/Life Balance Guide

Your "magnets" are the people you look to magnetize in your business. It's your ideal client you are looking to work with through your products, services. etc... In order to elevate your brand voice, optimize your client journey, and build trust via your marketing, having a solid Magnet Profile is essential. Get instant access to one of our most popular Free tools for your business!


A Brag Bank is a collection of your personal strengths, assets, skills, passions, social proof and more! The process of creating a Brag Bank promotes confidence and is a great way to leverage your authority for your brand and in your industry. Start building foundations for showcasing yourself as an authority in your industry!

Brag Bank Guide

Get Instant Access to this impactful 11-page guide with 20 ideas to help you build that email list! Inspire Magnets (Freebies) build brand awareness, drive engagement and build trust + loyalty instantly. Which truly is priceless if you think about it. Get instant access to one of our most popular Free tools for your business right now! 


a la carte priced digital tools, guides+ resources for  your brand

Are you stuck on creation of your About Me Page on your website? Is your Testimonial based content lacking on social? This Authority Bio Template is here to save you from the headache of formatting content and design to showcase the magic you bring to the table with your brand + business. This visual branding tool was created to help you connect with your ideal customer in an authentic way, establish your authority as an expert, and engage your customers to take an action! 


As they say, your business is the Body and your brand is the Soul. This 45 page workbook is designed to be interactive and engaging, providing you with a step-by-step guide to creating a unique and successful brand in 2023. Packed with tips, tricks and our proven 8 Step System, this workbook will help you create a strong brand identity, increase brand recognition and ultimately drive more sales. Start the new year right by investing in this comprehensive branding solution. Includes Bonus: Branding Design in Canva + discounted design tools for marketing/branding! Get ready to GROW!

your brand blueprint
2023 Workbook


"Don't walk, RUN to apply to work with melissa! You won't regret it."

Since my new site/brand launched last year, I've seen a massive uptick in website clicks, and gained so many new clients and customers. I definitely attribute that growth in no small part to choosing to work with Melissa. 

Margot Harris
Author + Yoga Teacher

Liz Chernow
Spiritual Entrepreneur


"Melissa has been the best resource providing me with such inspiration, accountability, and strategic perspective."

Melissa's grounded guidance has taught me so much about the industry, how to better connect with new clients, inspired better ways of optimizing internal business processes, and has inspired future-forward ways of thinking.

"As a business owner, my expertise does not lie in branding and omni channel
marketing and yet I know how important it is for the growth of my business."

Deb Ingino
CEO of Strength Leader Development


Engaging with Melissa and Moonful Mama has enlightened, equipped and empowered me to step deeper into my own strengths and let her handle the rest. Thank you Melissa, this is a game changer!