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As Women we carry great magic within


sacred ceremonies

what are sacred ceremonies?

Sacred Ceremonies are known throughout a variety of cultures and traditions from around the world. From our first Menarche, to marriage, to birthing a child, to growing into our wise woman years, these are sacred transitions points for us all. These Sacred Transition points are opportunities to redefine who we are and why we are here. Women in Ancient cultures used to celebrate these transitions as Sacred Rites of Passage. When we gather in sacred ceremony, we are reclaiming these powerful portals of change in our lives in an honoring and ceremonial way.

Deepening into your intentions for this next phase of your life.
Safe container to express your true essence, thoughts & feelings.

Release of fear and worries as you embark on this new journey.

Gain knowledge about yourself, the power of community and the history behind your designated sacred ceremony.

Massive Results I've Seen

be prepared for...

A deep sense of feeling calm, supported, grounded and mindful after our sacred ceremony experience.

you'll feel:

What should I expect?

In creating your Sacred Ceremony, you will connect with Melissa, The Moonful Mama 1:1 to collaboratively create a guideline for your desired ceremony purpose. We offer both in-person and virtual ceremonies. Every Ceremony is a bit different depending on the transition being celebrated, but you can expect some similar elements throughout. These elements are: sacred teaching re: historical context of transition, guided meditation journey, releasing practice to assist with transition, and intention setting practice for this next phase of your life.

every ceremony is intentionally crafted with your SACRED TRANSITION in mind.

— tiffany c.

"Pure magic is an understatement here. I recently had my 10 year wedding anniversary and instead of going for a more traditional vow renewal, I opted for a spiritual wedding anniversary blessing. Melissa made this day so special for me. We collaborated fully on what the vision was for this blessing and Melissa brought it to life in the most magical and special way possible. From a powerful women's circle with my closest family and friends to the blessing itself, the Moonful Mama brought the magic and the impact. This was such a memorable and deeply special experience for us all. My heart is so full."

This is for you if...

You are planning to go through a sacred transition in your life.

You recently went through a sacred transition in your life. 

You want to create a mindful "pause" to let go of what no longer serves you as you embark on this new journey.

You are ready to make meaningful intentions about this next phase of you life. 

You know someone who would love a sacred ceremony- this is a great gift idea!

Join us for a sacred ceremony celebrating your life and journey as a Woman.

Our Variety of Ceremonies...


celebrating love

This is such a magical time in a Woman's life, when we choose to step into a committed partnership in an intentional way. We offer ceremonies for brides to be and even along side vow renewals!

celebrating life

We firmly believe that when a child is born, so is a mother. We provide mother blessing ceremonies for pregnant women so they can lean into their village for support. We also offer closing of the bones ceremonies for postpartum mama's to reclaim their energy & sacred identity.

other sacred celebrations

Name the sacred transition, and we can curate a meaningful ceremony for you or loved ones! These include: menarche, new home, divorce, grief and loss, new business, menopause, and more!

With more than 10+ years experience in working with Women in group settings, running transformational Ceremonies on Long Island, NY, and virtually for Women all over the globe, Melissa sees the deep value of Ceremonies in the for our sacred transitions in life.

Come experience the magic for yourself! No previous experience necessary. Our Ceremonies are meant to support your current spiritual path, not replace or compete with it!  Have an open heart and mind and we can curate a beautiful ceremony, together!

Meet your Ceremony Guide


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