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Moonful Mama

empowering you to shine in all your magic.

Melissa here...

i'm a clinical psychotherapist, astrological Practitioner, intuitive mentor & soulful biz strategist for women

I provide sacred tools to help you tap into your own inner wise woman and birth your dream life or business into reality.

My journey has had many twists & turns...

Stuck. Confused. Overwhelmed. And... Pregnant.

That was how I would have described myself (not out loud of course!) in 2017. I was a clinical social worker, burnt out, anxious, and pregnant. I was so confused how I got to this place after putting so much time into my higher education and career. Every day I would dread going to work. I was so burnt out from being a full time therapist but I was also hiding my spiritual self by hiding crystals in my office, and pulling oracle cards in between sessions for divine support. It was like I was living two separate lives. Have you ever hid part of yourself because of the messaging you received from our culture or your life experience?

I had a shift when I learned...

How we are naturally connected to the divine and the creative cycles of life. When I had my "second" spiritual awakening in 2017, I realized that as Women we are pure magic. We can literally create and sustain life from inside our bodies. But from this pace energetically we can create and sustain anything we want. ANYTHING. I learned more about the moon, our inner "moon", the seasons on earth and a cyclical way of doing life and business that is sustainable, aligned, and magical.

Now my mission is to help women like you do the same.

I will give you sacred tools to help you conceptualize how to tap into your own inner wise woman and birth your dream life or business vision into reality. I walk you through the process of: creating sacred space in your day, how to embody your most authentic self in this lifetime, curating sacred self-care practices, owning the power of cyclical living for personal transformation and business strategy, and how to move your passionate purpose to sustained abundance so you can shine in all your phases of growth, just like the Moon. 

Let's go from where you are to where you long to be.

I am here to help you close that gap in an aligned, sacred and intentional way. We will cultivate clarity around your deepest desires, inherent gifts and values so you can amplify your inner magic in this lifetime. Our soulful approaches to well-being, healing, transformation, and soulful biz strategy are unmatched. We weave a tapestry of ancient wisdom, mindfulness, healthy mindset cultivation with the spiritual and intuitive. Our approaches honor you, your journey, and your unique spiritual path.

You're meant to shine in all of your phases of growth, just like the Moon. 

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Melissa is available for media comment, podcast and online appearances covering a wide variety of topics from entrepreneurship, coaching, women’s spirituality, and all things about embodied wellness and empowerment. Please contact us here for assistance.

My Timeline

where I've been


Graduated with my Master's to be a Social Worker

Award and Trophy_expandCreated by Koson Rattanaphanfrom the Noun Project


Stepped into my first Leadership role as a Clinical Supervisor


Discovered Meditation & the power of Mindfulness


Became a Certified Yoga Teacher & Leadership Coach


Became a Mama & left my full-time Psychotherapy job


Started Moonful Mama!


Featured on CBS, News 12, Nominated Best of Long Island


I get to mentor Women from all over the world so they can create a Sacred driven life & business!

Let's amplify your inner wise woman, deepen into your sacred purpose and be supported by an incredible community of Women every step of the way!

Think we're a match? I'm ready when you are!

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